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Aluminium profile

Aluminium profile

Round-head screw

Round-head screw

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Product Manager
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Round-head screw

Round-head screw M5x8   KOD: HALM58
St 10.9 / zinced m=2g/pc.  
Round-head screw M5x12   KOD: HALM512
St 10.9 / zinced m=2g/pc.  
Round-head screw M5x16   KOD: HALM516
St 10.9 / zinced m=3g/pc.  
Round-head screw M5x20   KOD: HALM520
St 10.9 / zinced m=3g/pc.  
Round-head screw M8x12   KOD: HALM812
St 10.9 / zinced m=5g/pc.  
Round-head screw M8x14   KOD: HALM814
St 10.9 / zinced m=6g/pc.  
Round-head screw M8x16   KOD: HALM816
St 10.9 / zinced m=7g/pc.  
Round-head screw M8x16   KOD: HALM818
St 10.9 / zinced m=8g/pc.  
Round-head screw M8x20   KOD: HALM820
St 10.9 / zinced m=9g/pc.  
Round-head screw M8x20 stainless   KOD:  HALM820ROS
St / stainless m=9g/pc.  
Round-head screw M8x25   KOD: HALM825
St 10.9 / zinced m=10g/pc.  
Round-head screw M8x30   KOD: HALM830
St 10.9 / zinced m=12g/pc.  
Round-head screw M8x30 stainless   KOD: HALM830ROS
St / stainless m=12g/pc.  
Round-head screw M8x45   KOD: HALM845
St 10.9 / zinced m=18g/pc..  


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We offer a wide range of machine parts such as gears, trapezoidal screws, racks, sprockets, gears, pulleys, belts, pulleys, chains, belts, gears, etc. We also have a wide range of range of aluminum profiles and accessories - such as : hinges, handles, fasteners, components. The scope of the automation of production, we can offer complete turnkey production plants based on industrial robots, conveyors, assembly stations, palletizing robots.
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