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Linear systems

Linear systems

System TA

Table system TA


A large number of table models can be compiled from only a few components with the System TA.

The System TA is a modular system: table leg TA, top holder, crossbar and table feet. The crossbars are positioned so that mobile filing cabinets can also be slid under the table (clear height 590 mm).

The table leg TA consists of two steel sections that are borne on balls. This guarantees very quiet running and the table remains sturdy and safe, even in its highest working position. It is driven by a built-in cylinder.

Typ TA


Technical data

    – Robust leg with ball bearing guide
    – Max. lifting load for eachelement: 1,500 N (TA 14), 2,500 N (TA 18)
    – Please also note the maximum load of the entire system
    – Synchronous control of up to 10 table legs
    – Lifting distance max. 500 mm
    – Max. static bending moment Mb = 400 N
    – Max. dynamic bending momentMbdyn = 100 Nm
    – The table leg is suppliedwith a 3-m hydraulic hose pre-fitted as standard
    – Colour: RAL 9006 white aluminium

Table system TA

The TA is a modular system and is therefore very versatile and flexible in its application. The maximum load is 3,500 N, 6,000 N or 8,000 N depending on the pump version. Thanks to the large lifting distance of maximum 500 mm, the tables can also be used in a standing position.

TA-2: The two-leg system for sitting and standing work stations in the office or at the assembly station. Consisting of two table legs, two table top carriers, two table feet as well as a crossbar to stabilise the system. Various table widths can be realised using the crossbars from the standard programme.

TA-3: The three-leg system for corner combinations in the office and in assembly areas. Here, the two-leg system is extended with an additional crossbar and a third leg.

TA-4: The four-leg system for maximum stability as required for workbenches, joiner’s benches and assembly work stations. The longitudinal crossbars can be placed at three different depth positions. Screws to fasten the table top are included. The base frame is delivered unassembled. Please note that a pump with hand crank or
electric drive unit is also required. Assembly and operating instructions are supplied with your order. These are also available at www.ergoswiss.com.


Variants of the table



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