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Linear systems

Linear systems

Electric drive

Simple and convenient

Our pumps can be operated with a hand crank or an electric drive unit. Your choice will depend on the desired level of convenience and on price considerations.
When folded in, the hand crank entirely disappears from view under the table. The following options are available:
– detachable hand crank
– stainless steel hand crank
– torque limited clutch

The electric drive unit has an intelligent control system with space for 4 memory positions. Height adjustment is achieved via cable remote control. This is mounted on the underside of the table and can be neatly pushed under the table top. The table height is displayed digitally on the remote control. The power supply unit (230 VAC, or 110 VAC) is integrated in the control unit. An electric current monitoring function protects the electric drive unit from overload and also serves to protect the system on start-up. Delivery includes the motor, control unit with 3-pole power cable and cable remote control (2 m cable length) with position memory. The drive units are not suitable for continuous operation. After one minute of operation, the drive unit needs to rest for about 20 minutes (duty cycle 5%). The nominal travel decreases by about 15 mm with an electric drive unit.

The following accessories are available:Untitled

– various options for cable remote control
(simple on/off switch, foot switch, infra-red
remote control)
– control cable to use your own switches
– safety strips
– extension and split cables
– cable to synchronise max. 4 power units
– country-specific power cables (3-pole)
– 12 V battery solution


Technical data
– 4 memory positions
– Digital height display
– Mains voltage 230/110 VAC
– Motor voltage 24 VDC
– Power rating approx. 340 VA
– Standby output ‹ 0.6 W
– Idle running speed 180 rpm
– Protection class IP 30
– Overload protection
– Thermal protection
– Duty cycle monitoring



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