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Linear systems

Linear systems

Warranty, Marking CE

Warranty covers the range two years from release of system.
We guarantee functioning of the system within the limits without charges. Buyer must keep the following points:

  • System must be montage and use according with the instruction of producent.
  • System must be used under normal conditions.
  • System or parts can not be operated beyond the limits (maximum load / side load).
  • The system must be used within the prescribed temperature (-15 to +45 ° C).
  • The system can not be exposed to chemicals or other aggressive agents.

The warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship from the Ergoswiss AG. Warranty does not cover misuse by the customer and try to dismantle the system.

CE marking

Because the Ergoswiss system requires the use of external force to retract the cylinder, it is not considered a “Machine” and therefore does not carry the CE marking. Although it retains all relating to the system of the guidelines of EU. At any time, we may send you a “Manufacturer’s Declaration”.

Electric drive should be checked in accordance with EU guidelines for electrical products and should bear the CE marking. Test certificates can be obtained from us.

Scope of delivery

To each connector we are delivering required screws and snap rings. They are included in the price. To delivery will be included detailed manual of use and montage.

Please note that in the case of systems that are already installed hose, you must provide the required length of the hose. Packaging is included in the price. Parts are supplied ex works.


CAD drawings in PDF or in the form of a step can be obtained from the www.ergoswiss.com. If you need other formats please contact our Sales.


Valid only our terms and conditions of the transaction. Material supplied by us remain our property until the total purchase price to our account, also in the case when the purchase contract does not contain any specific reservation of ownership.

We reserve the right to carry out technical changes or in relation to the content.

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We offer a wide range of machine parts such as gears, trapezoidal screws, racks, sprockets, gears, pulleys, belts, pulleys, chains, belts, gears, etc. We also have a wide range of range of aluminum profiles and accessories - such as : hinges, handles, fasteners, components. The scope of the automation of production, we can offer complete turnkey production plants based on industrial robots, conveyors, assembly stations, palletizing robots.
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