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Machine guards

Machine guards

Safety fences

Safety fences mounted on the rear wall of the rack it aimed at securing the goods from falling, which can damage the product or cause an accident.
Special mounting allows for installation of protective nets in distance from 0 to 300 mm from the rack. There is a possibility of two assembly safety nets, from the outside by means of special clamps and bolts, and inside by means of bolts and nuts.

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Safety nets mounted on the side of the rack are aimed at securing the goods from falling, which can damage the product or cause an accident.
Grids are screwed directly into the rack uprights.

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Safety nets are available in three mesh sizes:

  • 38×97 mesh, to the normal conditions of storage of goods
  • 18×97 mesh, to automatic warehouses, meeting the safety requirements for the distance of 120mm in accordance with EN ISO 13857: 2008 Table 4
  • 18×25 mesh, for storage of aerosols

All standard components are galvanized for indoor use.
There is also a powder painting in any RAL color.

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