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Manufacturing automation

Manufacturing automation

Manufacturing automation

The objective is reduce or replace human physical working by machines which performing certain tasks without human intervention. For the needs of our customers technology we can provide all kinds of machinery, equipment, manipulators and instruments designed to support production. The main goal of our work is seek to reduce the cost of production of goods, by increasing the efficiency and continuous improvement quality of manufactured parts.

Product Manager
Product Manager
Tomasz Krupa
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F +48 32 720 35 35
K +48 609 411 204
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We offer a wide range of machine parts such as gears, trapezoidal screws, racks, sprockets, gears, pulleys, belts, pulleys, chains, belts, gears, etc. We also have a wide range of range of aluminum profiles and accessories - such as : hinges, handles, fasteners, components. The scope of the automation of production, we can offer complete turnkey production plants based on industrial robots, conveyors, assembly stations, palletizing robots.
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