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Manufacturing automation

Manufacturing automation

Assembly tables

Quarters and assembly lines are carefully designed for the needs of the task to be performed in a specific place and time of the production process. Many years of experience and individual approach to every task allows us to develop together with the target customer up to a simple and also professional solutions . According to the philosophy of Kaizen or continuous improvement, you can always improve something so you should invest in this type of solution. Very often enough to slightly change the position of the employee, light up the position or equip him with a forklift material to increased a dozen or even several tens of percent performance .

Our products are made from aluminum profile system, they are lightweight construct profiles which are twisted together by means of specially adapted connector.

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Quarters can equip the:

  • general and spot lighting
  • adjustable shelves above and below the worktop
  • electrical connections
  • Compressed air connection
  • handles and tool balancers
  • holders on cups, documents, etc.
  • Drawers in any configuration
  • Wooden, rubber, from stainless steel, perforated with drain fluid (eg washing elements) and many others tops
  • holders on roles of foil or paper for packing
  • height adjustable table top
  • position in the implementation of ESD
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Product Manager
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We offer a wide range of machine parts such as gears, trapezoidal screws, racks, sprockets, gears, pulleys, belts, pulleys, chains, belts, gears, etc. We also have a wide range of range of aluminum profiles and accessories - such as : hinges, handles, fasteners, components. The scope of the automation of production, we can offer complete turnkey production plants based on industrial robots, conveyors, assembly stations, palletizing robots.
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