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Manufacturing automation

Manufacturing automation

Timing belt conveyors

Timing belt conveyors work best during transport components in large dimensions and relatively low weight. Conveyors often cooperate with roller conveyors – the transfer of loads from one line to another. Undoubtedly timing belt conveyors is an alternative to belt conveyors. The design is based on a system of lightweight aluminum.



  • light and modern construction composed of aluminium profiles
  • speed control
  • different types of cover strips depending on the material to be transported
  • aluminium belt tensioners, with the drive shaft bearing and return


  • Lifted conveyor belt
  • Toothed belt conveyor
  • Flat belt conveyor
  • Reversing conveyor
  • Linear turntables

Special options:

  • Fixed or adjustable side limitation
  • Speed control
  • Emergency stop
  • Mechanical or optical sensors
  • Antistatic belt conveyor
  • Polyurethane conveyor belt
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Product Manager
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